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Ensuring LGBTQ Equality

Official White House Photo by David Lienemann


Equal Rights for All

In America, everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of who they are or whom they love. Over the past decade, we’ve made remarkable progress on the journey toward full equality. LGBTQ people are now protected by a federal hate crimes law, no longer banned from serving in the military, and free to marry nationwide.

But important work remains if we are to achieve equality for all Americans. The LGBTQ community still lacks protections in employment, housing, and public accommodations. LGBTQ youth face discrimination and harassment every day in their classrooms, communities, and even in their own homes. Transgender people are not only being targeted by legislators challenging their right to exist in public spaces, but they also continue to face pervasive violence in their daily lives. And in many places around the world, LGBTQ individuals still face criminalization, torture, and even death, simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. Now is not the time to back down. Now is the time to stand up and keep fighting for equal treatment, dignity, and justice for all people — both here at home and around the world. Vice President Joe Biden has played a unique role throughout his years of public service, championing progress and prosperity for all. The Biden Foundation will build on that work, continuing Joe’s fight for equality that began in the civil rights era and extends to his leadership on LGBTQ equality today.

"Who do you love, and will you be loyal to the person you love? Actual people are finding out that's what all marriages at their root are about."

Joe Biden
Meet the Press, May 6, 2012.