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Ending Violence Against Women

Official White House Photo by David Lienemann


Ending the Scourge of Violence Against Women

Since Joe Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, our culture has changed for the better. Gender-based violence is no longer considered a private issue or a “family matter,” and the fight to end it is now front and center in our national dialogue.

But there is more work to be done. Despite significant progress — annual rates of domestic violence decreased by 64 percent from 1994 to 20101 — the figures have remained all too high for our nation’s young people.

  • 80%of sexual assault survivors experience their first assault before the age of 252
  • 1 in 9 teenage girls experience some form of dating violence in high school3

While teens and young adults face among the highest rates of domestic and sexual violence, they are rarely tapped to identify solutions to this problem. Recognizing the need for a cultural shift in young people’s access to critical resources and conversations, the Biden Foundation launched Youth LEADS.

Youth LEADS - Youth Leverage, Energize, and Define Results

Youth LEADS (Leverage, Energize, and Define Solutions) is an initiative to combat gender-based violence among youth by providing young leaders with the platforms, network, and organizational support they need to create change. Through a series of youth engagement sessions taking place around the country, the Foundation will work directly with young leaders and organizational partners to:

  • Identify trends that perpetuate violence;
  • Inspire youth to develop solutions and lead their communities
  • Educate policy makers and stakeholders about the needs of youth

We believe young people can lead their communities and change the culture. We are committed to supporting ideas and solutions that make youth feel safe and empowered. To learn more about YouthLEADS or to see how your community can support young leaders, contact

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At the Biden Foundation, we know that addressing violence against women requires multiple strategies, from changing social norms about violence to helping survivors rebuild their lives. As Vice President, Joe Biden drew attention to the high rates of dating violence experienced by teens and young women. He worked to reduce the nation’s backlog of rape kits and launched It’s On Us, which calls on everyone to create environments on college campuses where sexual assault is never acceptable. The Biden Foundation is proud to continue Joe Biden’s mission to end gender-based violence, once and for all.



"The greatest sin is the abuse of power, and the cardinal sin of them all is for a man to raise his hand to a woman."

Joe Biden