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Pillar: Protecting Children

06.01.2017 | Press

Biden and Miles: Every child deserves a childhood

By the time Majerah was in the eighth grade, she’d noticed that it was difficult for women in her community in Afghanistan to get the health care they needed because all the doctors were men and male doctors aren’t traditionally allowed to examine female patients without a chaperone. So she decided to help these women by becoming a doctor herself. She threw herself into her studies, and by the end of the year, had higher marks than anyone in her class.

02.22.2017 | Press

Jill Biden Named Board Chair of Aid Group Save the Children

Dr. Jill Biden, educator and wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, has been named board chair of Save the Children. Biden, who still teaches English to college students, said she was honored to be asked to chair the international aid organization’s board and thought its emphasis on education was a perfect fit for her.

04.30.2016 | Press

We Need to Work Together to Stop Child Abuse

Nothing mattered more to my husband, Beau, than protecting Delaware’s children.

He knew it wasn’t an issue many people liked to discuss, but Beau knew how important it was to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Beau Biden made keeping children safe from abuse his life’s work.