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Pillar: Ending Violence Against Women

09.26.2017 | Press

“I Was Heartbroken”: Joe Biden Pens a Moving Essay About His Fight to End Sexual Assault on Campus

When I had the great honor of serving as this country’s vice president, my responsibilities took me around the world and back again. But nothing was more important to me than continuing my life’s work to end violence against women… Since 1994, domestic violence rates have dropped by 63 percent. Rape crisis centers, battered-women’s shelters, and survivor hotlines have sprung up across the country. But it seems like time has stood still on college campuses.

09.13.2017 | Blog

The Violence Against Women Act, 23 years later

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act. For me, this is an important day of reflection.

When Joe Biden introduced VAWA to the Senate floor in 1990, he faced a culture of indifference and victim-blaming… Today, we know better, but our work is not done.

09.10.2017 | Press

Joe Biden Tells Sexual Assault Survivors Not To “Give Up” Following DeVos Title IX Announcement

Former vice president Joe Biden urged more than 800 activists on a Friday phone call to pressure their universities and the Trump administration to uphold protections for rape victims.

“This Administration does not speak for the American people on this issue,” Biden said on the call, according to a readout obtained exclusively by BuzzFeed News. He told the activists, many of whom are students, to “demand — of your college president, your provost, your deans — demand that they step up. They know we’re right. This is no time to turn back.”

05.01.2017 | Press

Joe Biden Calls on College Students to ‘Change the Culture’ to Combat Sexual Assault

Former vice president Joe Biden on Wednesday called upon college students to fight against sexual assault, urging them to intervene if they witness suspicious situations and speak out against “locker room talk.”

“Change the culture,” he told a crowd at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., according to the Washington Post. “You can do it.”

05.01.2017 | Press

Joe Biden: ‘Rape And Sexual Assault Are Not About Sex. They’re About Power.’

Former Vice President Joe Biden stopped by George Mason University Wednesday morning to speak to students about sexual assault prevention on college campuses.

The event, held by Biden’s sexual assault awareness organization It’s On Us, was live streamed on George Mason’s website and featured faculty and student speakers, along with “13 Reasons Why” actress Alisha Boe and producer Joy Gorman.

04.20.2017 | Press

Joe Biden: It’s on All of Us to Change the Culture Around Sexual Assault

When I wrote the Violence Against Women Act more than 20 years ago, my goal was to make violence against women unacceptable in any circumstance. But when I introduced the bill in June 1990, there was immediate resistance. Some critics argued domestic violence was a “private family matter,” while others claimed that abused women brought it on themselves. We’ve come a long way since those days, but make no mistake — we have a long way to go.

04.17.2017 | Press

Joe Biden Interview on Rape Culture and Campus Sexual Assault

There are a lot of reasons to love former vice president Joe Biden. He’s had a long and storied political career, he’s one of the leaders in the government’s fight against cancer; then there’s his love for ice cream, his kind demeanor, and charming finger point (you know the one) earning him the nickname “Uncle Joe,” and of course there were those memes. If you weren’t convinced he was a national treasure before, then President Obama called then Vice President Biden “the best vice president America’s ever had” when he awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, cementing his mark on history. Beyond all of that, his commitment to ending sexual assault on campus is changing the way U.S. schools are making sure women and girls are treated as equals on campus.

04.06.2017 | Press

Biden Shares New PSA on Twitter to Spark Conversation on Rape Culture

Former Vice President Joe Biden took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the latest and perhaps most haunting PSA from It’s On Us, a campaign he launched in 2014 to help educate the public about sexual assault and rape, encourage survivors and witnesses to come forward, and to start a general dialogue with the public about the issue.

It's on Us SU rally | Biden Foundation
02.10.2017 | Press

See full video of Vice President Joe Biden’s ‘It’s on Us’ speech at Syracuse University

Vice President Joe Biden L’68 returns to his alma mater to discuss an issue of vital importance: ending sexual violence […]

02.10.2017 | Press

Vice President Joe Biden Op-Ed: It’s On Us to Stop Campus Sexual Assault

Twenty-one years ago, I wrote the Violence Against Women Act to end the scourge of violence against women and hold perpetrators accountable. It’s been a great success, but even one attack is one too many.

02.10.2017 | Press

Op-Ed by Vice President Biden on the 20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act

Even just 20 years ago, violence against women in America was an epidemic few people wanted to talk about, let alone do something about. No one denied punching a wife in the face or pushing her down the stairs was reprehensible. But most people refused to intervene. They called domestic violence a “family affair.” Critics of proposed laws protecting women from this violence claimed they would lead to the “disintegration” of the family.

Commemorative Speech | Biden Foundation
02.10.2017 | Press

President Obama Speaks at the Launch of the “It’s On Us” Campaign

On September 19, 2014 in the East Room of the White House, President Obama delivered remarks to help launch “It’s […]

02.10.2017 | Press

Violence Against Women Act 20th Anniversary Commemoration

Vice President Biden delivered remarks at the National Archives to mark the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act. As a senator, he was the chief sponsor of the original legislation. Vice President Biden talked about some of the challenges in passing the legislation and the continuing need to expose the truth about domestic violence. He was introduced by Ruth Glenn, who shared her own story as a victim of abuse.

View the video on C-SPAN.

02.09.2017 | Press

Joe Biden Praises Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance

Former Vice President Joe Biden praised Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance in a tweet on Sunday. “Incredible performance from my friend Lady Gaga. You amaze me — and not just onstage. Proud to work with you to end sexual assault. #ItsOnUs,” Biden tweeted.

11.04.2016 | Press

Vice President Joe Biden on the Struggle to End Violence Against Women

Vice President Joe Biden joins Gloria Steinem to talk about why sexual violence is still an issue we face in America, and what we can do about it.