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03.12.2018 | Press

Joe Biden Discusses Income Inequality at Northwestern

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered a speech Friday on U.S. income inequality and uneven economic growth at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Ben Harris, a visiting associate professor at Kellogg who served as Biden’s chief economist and economic adviser, helped arrange the event and offered a preview of the speech earlier in the week…

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11.30.2017 | Press

Biden Foundation launches forum on middle class economics

Former vice president Joe Biden’s foundation announced Wednesday the launch of the Biden Forum, an online conversation on the future of work and equality in America.

The decision follows Biden’s lifelong commitment to fighting for working Americans, the Biden Foundation said in a statement. The Biden Forum will expand on ideas to strengthen the middle class, increase economic equality and expand opportunities for all…

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11.28.2017 | Press

#MeToo stories won’t end until we focus on prevention

By now, we should be clear that the problem is not a few individual men, but rather a culture that excuses men’s behavior while marginalizing and blaming women. We must change society and to do so, we must address the culture that excuses sexual violence before men are CEOs or bosses or hold other positions of power.

11.15.2017 | Press

Former White House adviser on violence against women Lynn Rosenthal shares insights, guidance

“Social justice doesn’t just happen. It happens because people are willing to push it forward,” Lynn Rosenthal, director for the Biden Foundation’s initiative to end violence against women, told a group of attentive University of Delaware students on Thursday, Nov. 2. It was an important message delivered consistently during her visit with various groups of students, faculty, staff and community members throughout the day.

10.31.2017 | Press

Biden, Lady Gaga release sexual assault awareness PSA

Lady Gaga and former Vice President Joe Biden are teaming up again to advocate against sexual assault, releasing a PSA as part of the “It’s On Us” campaign started by Biden and former President Barack Obama.

“Lady Gaga has been the voice for people who have been forgotten, the people who have been abused — until it happens to you,” he said in the video shared on Lady Gaga’s Twitter account Wednesday.
09.26.2017 | Press

“I Was Heartbroken”: Joe Biden Pens a Moving Essay About His Fight to End Sexual Assault on Campus

When I had the great honor of serving as this country’s vice president, my responsibilities took me around the world and back again. But nothing was more important to me than continuing my life’s work to end violence against women… Since 1994, domestic violence rates have dropped by 63 percent. Rape crisis centers, battered-women’s shelters, and survivor hotlines have sprung up across the country. But it seems like time has stood still on college campuses.

09.14.2017 | Press

Joe Biden: Reclaiming America’s Values

In over 45 years of working in global affairs, I’ve observed a simple truth: America’s ability to lead the world depends not just on the example of our power, but on the power of our example.

American democracy is rooted in the belief that every man, woman and child has equal rights to freedom and dignity. While the United States is far from perfect, we have never given up the struggle to grow closer to the ideals in our founding documents.

09.10.2017 | Press

Joe Biden Tells Sexual Assault Survivors Not To “Give Up” Following DeVos Title IX Announcement

Former vice president Joe Biden urged more than 800 activists on a Friday phone call to pressure their universities and the Trump administration to uphold protections for rape victims.

“This Administration does not speak for the American people on this issue,” Biden said on the call, according to a readout obtained exclusively by BuzzFeed News. He told the activists, many of whom are students, to “demand — of your college president, your provost, your deans — demand that they step up. They know we’re right. This is no time to turn back.”

08.29.2017 | Press

Bill Frist and Jill Biden: A call for better health and learning

At Carpenters Middle School in Blount County, exercise and reading go hand in hand. Nearly 200 students participate in the “Pedal Power” program, spending 20 minutes a day reading a book they select while riding a recumbent bike.

Students say that when they are physically active while they learn, they notice a difference…

07.05.2017 | Press

Second Lady Calls for More Research to Help Military Children

Second lady Jill Biden called for more data and research about military children, during a summit of educators, advocates and others, discussing ways to better prepare school personnel to meet the needs of military-connected children.

“We need that basis and foundation,” said Biden, speaking April 13 to a group that included representatives from many of the 100 colleges and universities who have agreed to participate in Operation Educate the Educators, a program that partly seeks to raise awareness among teachers about the needs of military children.

07.05.2017 | Press

Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Promote Jobs-for-Veterans Program

First lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden on Thursday celebrated the fifth anniversary of a White House effort aimed at easing the transition from military to civilian life by encouraging companies to hire veterans and military spouses – a program they praised for helping cut veteran joblessness in half since 2011.

07.05.2017 | Press

For Military Kids, Resilience and Challenges

There are more than 2 million children in US classrooms whose parents are active-duty military service members, National Guard or reservists, or military veterans. Contending with frequent moves, new schools, and the echoes of deployments and separations, these military-connected kids carry a unique weight — often invisible, often unacknowledged.

One of the legacies of the Obama Administration is an initiative to spotlight the constellation of needs and strengths these kids have — to build better support at school and in policy arenas, and to spur more research into their social-emotional challenges. The initiative — called Joining Forces — is led by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

07.05.2017 | Press

Dr. Jill Biden Receives Standing Ovation at Tony Awards


Dr. Jill Biden was an unlikely star of the 2017 Tony Awards. When she took the stage on Sunday night, Biden earned a round of applause before she even began her tribute to America’s veterans. The short speech, in which she outlined the difficulties veterans face in adapting to civilian life, was preceded by a standing ovation from the Radio City Music Hall crowd ― one of the biggest of the night.

07.05.2017 | Press

Here’s How We Can Support Military Spouses in Today’s Economy

It’s not easy being a military spouse, especially with the frequent relocations and the worry that accompanies the deployment of a service member, of course, but there are also unique employment challenges that military spouses face.

Working to unite the public and private sectors to confront these challenges, on Wednesday, June 14, the U.S. Chamber Foundation and its Hiring Our Heroes initiative hosted the Military Spouse Employment Summit. The event focused on removing barriers for dual-income military families, specifically creating job opportunities and empowering companies to recruit and retain military spouses…

06.01.2017 | Press

Biden and Miles: Every child deserves a childhood

By the time Majerah was in the eighth grade, she’d noticed that it was difficult for women in her community in Afghanistan to get the health care they needed because all the doctors were men and male doctors aren’t traditionally allowed to examine female patients without a chaperone. So she decided to help these women by becoming a doctor herself. She threw herself into her studies, and by the end of the year, had higher marks than anyone in her class.