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05.16.2018 | Blog

How to build a stronger middle class: With respect

By Richard V. Reeves May 16, 2018 We worry a lot about the middle class: but who are they? Are […]

05.10.2018 | Blog

There’s no place like home for military-connected children

By Maggie Phillips, Biden Fellow for Military Families The most quoted line from The Wizard of Oz is the one […]

05.09.2018 | Press

Vice President Joe Biden’s 5 ideas for helping America’s middle class

“A strong middle class breeds opportunity,” former Vice President Joe Biden said at a recent Brookings event, yet “if we have a weak middle class, we have a fractured country.” Vice President Biden delivered the keynote address at a forum co-sponsored by the Brookings Institution and the Biden Foundation to launch the institution’s new Future of the Middle Class Initiative.

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05.09.2018 | Blog

Kill stock buybacks to save the American economy

By Nick Hanauer May 9, 2018 You don’t need a rich guy like me to tell you that there is something […]

05.07.2018 | Blog

Empowering young people to determine their futures 

By Shéár Avory, Biden Fellow for LGBTQ Equality Note: This post is part of our “The Heart of the Issue” series, […]

05.02.2018 | Blog

The weakening bond between millennials and the middle class

By Peter Levine May 2, 2018 Americans born between 1985 and 2004, known as “millennials,” are numerous enough that their generation […]

04.25.2018 | Blog

Will LGBTQ equality be a prime consideration for Amazon?

By Gautam Raghavan Recently, high stakes betters are shifting their focus from March Madness to an even more intense and […]

04.24.2018 | Blog

Recognizing bravery and inspiring action at the Biden Courage Awards

By Tracey Vitchers, Executive Director of It’s On Us   On Wednesday, April 18th, It’s On Us and the Biden […]

04.18.2018 | Blog

Fixing America’s startup slowdown

By Seth London and Bradley Tusk Apr 18, 2018 In a few weeks, the American economy should have something to […]

04.11.2018 | News Releases

Biden Foundation Announces Three New Members of Board of Directors

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Biden Foundation announced Monday three new members to its Board of Directors: Micaela Fernandez Allen, Director […]

04.11.2018 | Blog

Higher and more equitable pay through more transparent wages

By Sarah Bianchi and Ben Harris Apr 11, 2018 Yesterday was Equal Pay Day — a day that reminds us that many […]

04.04.2018 | Blog

The rigged labor market

By Alan B. Krueger Apr 4, 2018 More than two centuries ago, Adam Smith, renowned as the father of laissez faire economics, […]

03.28.2018 | Press

New campaign opens a window onto the lives of military children

In April, the “Month of the Military Child,” a new campaign seeks to highlight those similarities. The Biden Foundation’s “Picturing Home” program invites military kids to express their idea of home through writing, art and photography.

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03.28.2018 | Blog

The hidden danger of slow payment systems for middle-class families

By Aaron Klein Mar 28, 2018 Millions of middle-class families occasionally face the uncomfortable and expensive situation of temporarily running […]

03.26.2018 | News Releases

The Biden Foundation & It’s On Us Announce Biden Courage Awards

Vice President Joe Biden to join awards event on April 18th honoring student heroes who have stepped in to stop […]