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12.19.2018 | Blog

Can immigration save Social Security?

The Biden Forum Highlight is a series of quick reads on the middle class. Each week, editors at the Biden […]

12.17.2018 | Blog

A week in the life of a Biden Fellow

By Lauren Ford, Biden Fellow for Higher Education This year I was honored to be selected as one of five […]

12.12.2018 | Blog

A tax system for all Americans

By Ray D. Madoff Dec 12, 2019 Who bears the brunt of taxes in America? A cursory glance at the tax […]

12.11.2018 | Blog

Wealth inequality is growing—and it’s partly due to how we invest

Note: The Biden Forum Highlight is a series of quick reads on the middle class. Each week, editors at the Biden […]

12.05.2018 | Blog

Building community wealth in Rochester, NY

By Lovely Warren Dec 5, 2018 Progress and prosperity have often been unequally shared in cities around the country. In many […]

12.04.2018 | Blog

We must be advocates for LGBTQ youth

By Emily Hecht-McGowan “Rest gently. You are safe. Welcome home.”  On Friday, October 26th, Bishop Gene Robinson spoke these words […]

11.30.2018 | Blog

Notes from the field: Welcome to the Y SAGE Table

By Lydia Thacker, Chief Diversity Officer of the YMCA of Metro Atlanta   SAGE Table is an initiative to fight […]

11.14.2018 | Blog

Exploring the world through community college

By Lauren Ford, Biden Fellow for Higher Education The Institute for International Education recently hosted its annual gala to promote […]

11.14.2018 | Blog

We can’t afford to price middle-class families out of college

By Sara Goldrick-Rab Nov 14, 2018   Paying for college is a headache for all but the wealthiest Americans. Between […]

11.08.2018 | Blog

Notes from the road: G’day from the land down under

By Rory Brosius, Advisor for Military Families   Have you ever heard that catch ‘80s earworm by Men at Work, […]

11.08.2018 | Blog

Geography can shape opportunity. Joe Biden wants to change that.

Editor’s note: On March 9, 2018, Vice President Joe Biden addressed Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in a speech geared […]

11.01.2018 | Blog

Joe Biden’s five ideas for the future of the middle class

Editor’s note: On May 8, 2018, Vice President Joe Biden delivered the keynote address at a Brookings Institution event marking the […]

10.30.2018 | Blog

Notes from the field: Supporting homeless LGBTQ youth in San Antonio

By Stacy Oksenberg, Chief Human Resources Officer, YMCA of Greater San Antonio; and Chelsea Berkowitz, Program Manager, Thrive Youth Center […]

10.25.2018 | Blog

Empowering youth to create futures without gender-based violence

By Kendall LaVine, Biden Fellow for Violence Against Women Initiatives This spring, the Biden Foundation launched the Youth LEADS (Leverage, […]

10.24.2018 | Blog

America runs on data. Let’s make sure everyone gets it.

By Robert Wack Oct 24, 2018 If you’ve lived without electricity for some period of time, whether by choice or circumstance, […]