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02.21.2019 | Blog

Changing policy to change the face of tech

by Reshma Saujani Feb 21, 2019 In the United States, a software engineer can expect to make about $106,000a year. That […]

02.14.2019 | Blog

A letter to my son

By Deborah Munn Note: This blog post is a letter from Deborah to her son Charlie, one of two men […]

02.14.2019 | Blog

Racial equality is economic equality

By Darrick Hamilton Feb 14, 2019 Just over 75 years ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union […]

02.08.2019 | Blog

A persistent gap in equal pay for equal work

The Biden Forum Highlight is a series of quick reads on the middle class. Each week, editors at the Biden […]

02.06.2019 | Blog

U.S. life expectancy is declining

The Biden Forum Highlight is a series of quick reads on the middle class. Each week, editors at the Biden […]

02.04.2019 | Blog

Perspective: Jussie Smollett and the dangers of being black and queer

By Thomas Hudson, Policy Associate for LGBTQ Equality Note: Since this commentary was posted, Jussie Smollett has been charged with […]

01.31.2019 | Blog

Notes from the field: Greenville is an open and inclusive community for all

By Anthony Thompson, Board Volunteer, YMCA of Greenville   As LGBTQ+ youth, we are taught that big cities are a […]

01.30.2019 | Blog

An African American path to the middle class

By Kilolo Kijakazi Jan 30, 2019 I am an African American woman from a middle-class family who has experienced upward economic […]

01.23.2019 | Blog

The high cost of job sprawl on the American middle class

By Dan Lurie Jan 23, 2019 Several years ago, the Detroit Free Press highlighted the story of James Robertson, a 56-year-old African […]

01.16.2019 | Blog

Some say the shutdown will cost $4 billion. It could be much more.

By Ben Harris Jan 16, 2019 As the record-long government shutdown reached its fourth week, the consequences of inaction continue […]

01.10.2019 | Blog

I Serve 2: Identifying and caring for military-connected kids in a clinical setting

By Dr. Alicia Gill Rossiter and Dr. Peggy Wilmoth “My daddy taught me how to walk when I was a little […]

01.09.2019 | Blog

Local economies need a boost. The federal government can help.

By Nathan Ohle Jan 9, 2019 If we want to start rebuilding our nation’s distressed cities and towns, we need new […]

01.02.2019 | Blog

Americans are aging. Let’s make sure we can afford it.

By Nora Super Jan 2, 2019 The good news? People are living longer than ever. Americans reaching age 65 today can expect […]

12.20.2018 | Blog

My family’s love story

By Dr. Jill Biden Dec 20, 2019 Every family has its own mythology — the stories we tell, again and again, the […]

12.20.2018 | Blog

Demystifying campus sexual assault data

By Kendall LaVine, Biden Fellow for violence against women initiatives   One in five women will experience sexual assault during […]