Effective April 25, 2019, the Biden Foundation suspended operations. Read more.

About the Foundation


The Biden Foundation was established to carry on a lifetime of public service, capped by eight historic years with President Obama. Officially established as an operating, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, the Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors, including: former U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman (Board Chair), Hon. Mark Gitenstein (President), Mark Angelson (Vice Chair and Treasurer), Valerie Biden Owens (Vice Chair) Jeffrey Peck (Vice Chair), Micaela Fernandez Allen, Nicole Isaac, and Darla Pomeroy. The Foundation’s Executive Director is Louisa Terrell.

The Biden Foundation will build upon Vice President and Dr. Biden’s lifelong commitment to protect and advance the rights and opportunities of all people through educational programming and public policy analysis. Initially, the Foundation’s areas of focus will be:

  • Advancing Community Colleges
  • Ending Violence Against Women
  • Ensuring LGBTQ Equality
  • Protecting Children
  • Shaping Foreign Policy
  • Strengthening the Middle Class
  • Supporting Military Families



Vice President Biden has played a unique role in our country throughout his years of public service. He has championed — and will continue to champion — progress and prosperity for American families.

The Biden Foundation will build upon that mission: to identify policies that advance the middle class, decrease economic inequality, and increase opportunity for all people. And, to ensure that everyone — no matter their income level, race, gender, age, or sexuality — is treated equally and gets a fair shot at achieving the American Dream.

We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. It is more important than ever before to move the country forward and keep working towards the ideals that ensure that the American Dream can be a reality for all.

Leaning on the knowledge of the world’s foremost experts, most experienced hands and brightest minds, the Biden Foundation will lead this next research and educational venture. But, it will take all of us, working together, to help Vice President and Dr. Biden complete this mission.

  • “I have long said that community colleges are America’s best-kept secret... I believe we need to celebrate community colleges — and their students — for who they really are: innovative, inspiring and essential."

    - Dr. Jill Biden
  • "All men and women on Earth are equal in human dignity."

    - Joe Biden