Effective April 25, 2019, the Biden Foundation suspended operations. Read more.


Biden Foundation 2018 Annual Report

2018 was a great year for the Biden Foundation. Building on the work of our honorary co-chairs, Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden, we formed partnerships and held events across the country that furthered our mission of equality, dignity, and opportunity for all people.

Read our 2018 Annual Report (PDF).

We’ve worked to expand employment opportunities for military spouses and we walked alongside six wounded veterans this summer to bring national attention to mental health issues affecting service members, veterans, and their families.

We created “As You Are,” a family and community acceptance campaign, to create a national dialogue about the importance of affirming, accepting, and supporting LGBTQ young people.

The Biden Forum shared weekly thought-provoking commentary around affordable food, job training, economic shifts, and the American Dream.

The foundation heard from thousands of youth leaders across the country about how they would end gender-based violence in their communities, and we rallied college students to end campus sexual assault with It’s On Us.

And we worked with the College Promise Campaign to promote free community college for hardworking students and with the National League of Cities to highlight the role of community colleges in improving the economic success of cities.

We all have an obligation to ensure that everyone is valued, and that everyone gets a fair shot at the American Dream. We are proud of the work the Biden Foundation has done to move that mission forward.

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