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Supporters Launch Biden Foundation to Build on Bidens’ Ongoing Commitment to Protect and Advance Rights and Opportunities of All People

Wilmington, DE – Longtime supporters and advisers of Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden today announced the formation of the Biden Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to build on Vice President and Dr. Biden’s lifelong commitment to protecting and advancing rights and opportunities of all people. Former Senator Ted Kaufman, Valerie Biden Owens, Mark Gitenstein, Mark Angelson and Jeff Peck will lead the Foundation and serve on the Foundation Board of Directors. Louisa Terrell will serve as Executive Director.

The Biden Foundation is an educational foundation dedicated to exploring the ways that everyone – no matter their income level, race, gender, age, or sexuality— can expect to be treated with dignity and to receive a fair shot at achieving the American Dream. This work will focus on foreign and domestic policy areas that Vice President and Dr. Biden have devoted their lives to, initially including the Cancer Initiative, ongoing work to support equality for all, ensuring that the Violence Against Women Act is fully realized, their support of U.S. Military service members and their families, and Dr. Biden’s work to increase access to high quality affordable education in the United States, especially through community colleges, and around the world.

“I am honored that Vice President Biden has asked me to lead the development of the Biden Foundation,” said Senator Ted Kaufman, Board Chair of the Biden Foundation. “I have had the honor of working closely with Vice President Biden throughout his career spent fighting for American families and working to defend and advance the rights and opportunities of all people. The Foundation’s mission is to further that legacy by providing the public with policy analysis and educational programming focused on the core values of equality and opportunity that Vice President and Dr. Biden have devoted their lives to.”

“From the time we were kids in Scranton through his Vice Presidency to today, Joe has been listening to, talking with and fighting for people. I am thrilled to build on our work together including on violence against women and equality in the U.S. and around the world. Through the Biden Foundation, I know our work has only just begun,” said Valerie Biden Owens, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Biden Foundation.

“As a longtime supporter of Vice President Biden’s, I am thrilled to work with the Bidens on their Foundation. Vice President Biden has devoted his life – thirty-six years serving his state, Delaware, in the United States Senate and eight years in this historic administration – to engaging with people and championing policy solutions that generate prosperity and dignity for all Americans and individuals around the world. I look forward to continuing that work for years to come,” said Mark Gitenstein, President of the Board of Directors of the Biden Foundation.

Mark Angelson, Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Biden Foundation said: “I am honored to serve on the Board of the Biden Foundation. The Biden Foundation will build on the progress of the Bidens’ life work: finding policies that strengthen the middle class, decrease economic inequality, and increase opportunity for all people. Together we will continue to work towards ensuring that the American Dream can be a reality for all. ”

“The Biden Foundation will build on what Joe Biden has done his entire life: work hard to find common ground and sound policy on the issues that matter most to people. I am thrilled to join the Board of Directors of the Foundation that will lead this next chapter, and am confident that working together we will advance progress and prosperity for American families,” said Jeff Peck, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Biden Foundation.

The Biden Foundation is incorporated in Delaware and an operating 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and is eligible to accept tax-deductible contributions for its educational and charitable purposes. The Foundation will be funded by donations. The Biden Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

For up to date information about the Biden Foundation, visit: archive.bidenfoundation.org.

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